Quoda v1.0 is Released

Posted by Henry Thompson, Developer of Quoda - 10/08/2014

Hello everyone,

For the past eight months, Quoda has been undergoing a beta trial. Today, I am thrilled to announce that the beta is finally over: Quoda v1.0 is out! In fact, the update has just been released to Google Play, and should be hitting your devices soon (it may not be available just yet in your region - please be patient as Google Play rolls it out). You can download Quoda from here if you haven't installed it before:

Get it on Google Play

The aim of Quoda has been simple: to build a text and source-code editor which allows anyone to code on Android easily, quickly and using desktop-grade tools, and upload it effortlessly to remote servers. That said, designing and implementing such a tool has not been simple.

Yet, nearly 18,000 downloads later and thanks to all the feedback from users, Quoda is looking amazing! The few errors that were remaining should now be gone - in particular, Dropbox integration is fixed, as is syntax highlighting. Countless other pesky bugs have been squashed too. Although there is plenty of room for improvement and more features, Quoda is well on the right path.

From now on, Quoda will adopt a "fremium" model. The app will forever be free to install and use for basic features, but certain "Premium" features will require a small payment. If you enjoy using Quoda, please do consider supporting the developer by upgrading. For only $5.00/£3.60/€4.50 you get the following features:

  • Autosuggestion
  • Multiple FTP(S) Server Accounts (If you already have more than one, you can keep using them)
  • Dropbox and Google Drive (Again, if you already use these, you can keep using them)
  • Snippets
  • Live Preview (Tablets) and Preview In Browser

I appreciate that some requested and promised features have not been implemented - please, do bear with as they are still being added! We felt that getting Quoda's pre-existing features working perfectly before adding more on would produce a better quality app.

Remember - Quoda will still remain in development and will be updated with new features regularly. It most certainly will not be forgotten or abandoned! The roadmap contains some exciting features - Root access, GIT, Box and Skydrive support, support for additional languages, code completion for more languages, and masses of other features too!

So to all users of Quoda - thank you for your cooperation and your valuable, insightful feedback! Your support for the app has been phenomenal, and far greater than I could possibly have wished for. If you have any further enquiries or problems, please do not hesitate to contact me at the usual email address: [email protected]. As always, I am more than happy to help.

Thanks, and enjoy coding on Quoda v1.0!

Kind regards,
Henry Thompson
Developer of Quoda Code Editor - [email protected]